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Alkis was born in Athens on April 8, 2003.

Alkis was a child who lived in several places in Greece.

However, this constant change of residence and schools has not prevent him from keeping his old friendships from the previous places that he lived, and from creating new ones. And that’s, because everyone appreciated his good heart and his kindness.

Since he was a kid he had shown his passion for sports.

He played ball and basketball with his friends and cousins and when he moved with his family to Epanomi, he played with the colors of the local team Anagenisi as a defender. Later, when they moved to Faliro and he started getting taller, Alkis wanted to try his possibilities at basketball. Thus, he joined the team of Achilles Triandrias and played in the positions of power forward and center, since he was one of the tallest and strongest players in the team.

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Except from being an athlete, he was a fan too… He enjoyed watching NBA games and had a particular preference on the Portland Trail Blazers team.

His great love, however, was not the team from the city of Oregon… His cousin , who also had the same name , made him to love the team of Aris Thessalonikis.

The begining of his great love for the Aris Thessalonikis team took place somewhere in the early 2010s of course in the ” Temple of Charilaou” – as he used to call the Stadium “Kleanthis Vikelidis” – in the stands of gate 7 with all his cousins in a match, which ended in a draw 0-0.

That day he was enchanted by the atmosphere that was created by the fans of Aris, and since then his favorite day became Sunday and when the conditions could not allow him to go to the stadium, Alkis from the yellow and black ,he chose to wear his… black.

He loved the team of Aris very much and wanted to support every section of the team.

As he was growing up he used to go to the stadium very often and whenever he had the possibility he was following and supported his favorite team when Aris played away from home.

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So a cold, Sunday morning in December 2017 he departed with the train , accompanied from his cousin and 2 more friends (all students) to visit Drama where Aris was facing the local Doxa Dramas team. There they sang and celebrated the victory of their favorite team.

On the way back to Thessaloniki, Alkis and his company were so happy that they created such a happy atmosphere on the train with their voices and songs that an old lady who was traveling with them to Thessaloniki asked Alkis for a sticker of the team of Aris.

The kids offered her one and the grandmother stuck it in the window of the train wagon, something that made them laugh a lot!

Another time in 2019, when from Loutraki where his family lived he went alone to Patras to support his favorite Aris, where he was playing basketball, he had to, by mistake, change 3 buses…

But he made it to be there on time!

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Alkis liked to play “games” on the computer, he liked to listen rap music, like most children in his age.

Alkis bought and wore clothes of the fans Association, of Super 3.

Alkis had goals.

He had set a goal to study in a university in Thessaloniki to be close to his friends and he made it!

He succeded to pass to the Economics Department of Law School at AUTh.

He aimed to get his degree quickly, he aimed to get a car ……

Alkis was kind-hearted, he was willing to help, he was always there to help you and stand by you, he didnt wanted people fighting and he helped them to make peace again, he had an unusual empathy for a child of his age, and he always closed his messages with “take care”….

Alkis was not very open to all the people, he wanted you to discover him… but when he was with his people, his great heart, full of love,respect and kindness, his jokes, his humor made the world seem brighter and warmer…

Alkis will now live in the hearts of all of us and he will be a hope for change…

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