Welcome to Structure of February 1, 2022 "In the name of Alkis"


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July 12th 2023

July 12th 2023 12 accused for the murder of February 1st 2022.The Justice has decided.Life sentence is imposed for 7 of them and 19+ years for the rest. Let us continue with numbers.12 defendants aged 20 to 25 for the murder of a 19-year-old boy. His name was ….. Alkis. What is the motive of…

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“Alkis Kampanos” Street… A street that carries the air of change

In the presence of Alkis’ parents and in an emotional atmosphere, the official renaming ceremony of the street where Alkis Kampanos was murdered took place on Tuesday morning, March 14th. The street was renamed from “Anthimos Gazis” to “Alkis Kampanos”. “Let Alkis’ sacrifice be a new beginning for our sport with less violence and almost…

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We were two, we were three…

“The moment and the drop are insidious because they do their job quietly” is one of the dictums the academic from Minor Asia writer, novelist and essayist Tasos Athanasiadis left us as a legacy and explains why: “The first brings you unexpectedly an end and the second a flood” Goddamn it! How truthful he was…

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I will pass for a while by Alkis…

It’s not easy to put your thoughts in order when you are asked to write something about the murder of an innocent child. Even when a massacre turns into a “sacrifice” and becomes a symbol for an entire country. A country that cried,a city that cried with tears, a club that still mourns and a…

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Two symbols on a banner…

On the high peaks of the Aetolian mountains and next to the slopes the riverbed of the river Evinos, lived a wonderful giant, shepherd of bulls and of cows, Titormos. He was born and lived in those high mountains and never was went down to inhabited and civilized places because he felt a dislike for…

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Pain = The stagnation of blood and energy.

So what shall we do to alleviate the pain we feel? Let’s start acting. In a sequel by The Lord of the Rings movie , some from the camp of the “good ones” explain to the Gandalf magician the gloomy and very difficult situation they are, regarding to the “forces of Darkness”. Gandalf asks them,…

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