It’s not easy to put your thoughts in order when you are asked to write something about the murder of an innocent child. Even when a massacre turns into a “sacrifice” and becomes a symbol for an entire country. A country that cried,a city that cried with tears, a club that still mourns and a family that will never heal its wounds for the years of innocence that were so brutally deprived by some humanoids in the name of a fan diversity!

It does not fit in the mind but we went through it , with a handful of people when we decided to influence on our own society. The Structure of the 1st of February “In the name of Alkis” is a reality from where we will seek to erect a block in the fan violence. The fan violence that succeeded, for several years now, to deprive us of our beautiful Sundays, to walk carefree in our city with the jersey and the scarf of the team we love and our right to go free on all the petals of the earth. For the time being there in Gazi street, on the steps of the apartment building there is a point that unites us!

We used to say it about our meeting places ,but now from many of us, even more and more often, you hear that creepy “I will pass by Alkis for a while…”

Manolis Andreadakis