July 12th 2023

12 accused for the murder of February 1st 2022.
The Justice has decided.
Life sentence is imposed for 7 of them and 19+ years for the rest.

Let us continue with numbers.
12 defendants aged 20 to 25 for the murder of a 19-year-old boy.

His name was ….. Alkis.

What is the motive of the murder?
Hate, hostility, blind violence, passion for revenge, continuous voices of leaders in their minds armed their hands for an opponent/fan……Human.

What is the result?

A teenage student lies in our eyes in the grave, in our mind as a bright angel and in our heart strength for a symbol of change.
On the other hand, twelve young boys will lead a life behind bars for many years.

Isn’t it time for the beginning of the end?

What more does it take to change YOU who rule, YOU who govern, YOU who write articles, YOU who speak in front of a microphone, YOU who are the command of the Association, YOU who stare suspiciously at the person who walks in front of you wearing a different color, YOU who become an expert at swearing as soon as you enter a stadium, many more YOU ….. and even more ME?.

ME, the mighty, ME, the special, ME, the historical, ME, the best.
Today’s ending of the first legal battle is initially a vindication of Alkis’ parents, who are truly admirable for their morals, dignity and words.

But is it also for you who went and left a flower in the alley, named now “Alkis Kampanos”, for you who kept a minute’s silence in the stadium you love and clapped loudly, for you who scored a goal and showed the “A” with your hands, for you who took a picture with your rival friend wearing your team’s shirts, for you who closely watched even one session of the trial, for you who shook hands with Alkis’ parents, for you who started giving new “sports” advice to your child, for you who silently walked from Harilaou to the White Tower to watch on a huge screen all these actions, all this love for a 19-year-old kid for LIFE, for CHANGE?

For you, who, strange among strangers, opened your heart, spared your time to unite all the colors, to touch the soul and the dreams of the young boy…. Who left leaving behind many messages, like this one….

I am Alkis and now I can live through you, providing that you know, that you speak, I can talk to you (Lyrics of Kostas Tournas)

Yours Sincerely,
The members of the Structure who never wished it to be created, but now that they have started, will never stop. What about YOU ?

Ioannis Vaganof