Panaitolikos F.C. was one of the first clubs which honoured Alkis Kampanos, immediately after those horrible events at the night of the 1st of February 2022.

The shocking banner of mythical Titormos, carrying Alkis Kampanos’ lifeless body, created by the sketch artist Christos Papanikos, has been immediately. a source of inspiration for the actions taken by our organization.

This banner came to our possession after one of our members outbid for it at an auction that the football team from Agrinio has run and since then it is pinned up during some games at Kleanthis Vikelidis stadium.

Our organization has honoroud Panaitolikos F.C. and Christos Papanikos during the first round’s game between the two teams; members of the organization had been to Agrinio as guests of Panaitolikos F.C.

Under the initiative of our organization “In the Name of Alkis” and collaborating with both ARIS F.C. and Panaitolikos F.C., another touching moment took place yesterday, 29/12/200 during the game between the two teams. Leaders were Titormos and fans of both the teams. Before the kickoff of the game Aris-Panaitolikos, “In the Name of Alkis” organization representatives together with representatives of both the teams, entered the field and pinned the banner where Titormos hugs Alkis on the railings of the gate where the Panaitolikos fans were sitting.

A little bit earlier, a representative of the team from Agrinio, the iconic member of Gate 6, honoured Aris’ dead fans, leaving flowers on the monument in front of Gate 3; he was glorified by all the fans in the stadium who recognized the ethos of not only the group from Agrinio but their fans as well.

There is no doubt that yesterday, we sent out one of the messages that expresses us: “Sports unites…”