At 15 June 2022 in the event of the Basketball Academies of Apollon Kalamaria club,which has been held in the memory of Alkis, our Domi
was invited and participated.

With the presence of the Alkis parents , the atmosphere were full of strong feelings and emotion for all of us, especialy in the moment when his parents started to paint a wall writing with their own hands the A, the first letter of the Alkis name..

The Domi has created and offered a t-shirt ( with the ALKIS 19 in the back , and the NEVER AGAIN, in the front) to the winner of the contest of 3 points that took place among the young athletes of the Apollon.

In parallel informed and called everyone to register to the Domi , from the Mayor of Kalamaria and the participant psychologists to the father of the young Leandros.