Welcome to Structure of February 1, 2022 "In the name of Alkis"

All our lives changed on February 1, 2022

The murder of Alkis united us and led us to create a structure against fan violence

Alkis was a gentle child with goals and dreams

He was born in Athens on April 8, 2003 and was a student at the Economics Department of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Actions that moved all over Greece & Abroad

We gather all the things that show a wind of change and Alkis as a symbol

We want to hear and see your thoughts

We created the wall of wishes to share your feelings of Alkis

We need the valuable help of members & volunteers

See the 4 levels of categories and support our effort

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In the name of Alkis


Our desire is to make Alkis to become a symbol and a wind of change

The main goals of our association are based on 3 main principles and they are ,to never forget the brutal murder of Alkis, to support the victims of fan violence and to promote actions in favor of a healthy fan and athletism spirit.

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In the name of Alkis

Action axes of the structure

He could be our kid, our brother

-To offer mainly Medical, Legal, Psychological support etc.
-Creation of an Observatory
-Track of incidents of low-intensity violence.

Actions to achieve a change of fan culture.


The achievement of all actions is based on the development of our team

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Single Member

Support & Promotion of the structure.
Update on developments.

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General Volunteer

Willing to offer in the time available services on issues and actions defined by the structure.

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Special Volunteer

Willing to contribute in the time he/she can in a specific area of specialization.

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Leader Volunteer

Willing to lead a team of volunteers in the time available, possessing the skills and abilities.

Kostas Turnas

“I am Alkis and I can live through you now, as long as you know, you talk, I talk to you…”



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Ideas for Actions

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Wall of Wishes

Write your own wish for Alkis and share your thoughts with us.

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The achievement of all actions is based on the development of our team.