Welcome to Structure of February 1, 2022 "In the name of Alkis"

We invite you to register in the Structure

In the Name of Alkis structure is open to everyone, and especially to the fans who love sports and their teams and want to stop all kinds of fan violence.

We invite you to act with us to change the society we live in.


The achievement of all actions is based on the development of our team

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Single Member

Support & Promotion of the structure, Update on developments.

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General Volunteer

Willing to offer in the time available services on issues and actions defined by the structure.

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Special Volunteer

Willing to contribute in the tim he/she can in a specific area of specialization.

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Leader Volunteer

Willing to lead a team of volunteers in the time available, possessing the skills and abilities.

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There is no registration fee for the Structure.

Annual Membership with Token Variation: 1€ – 19€

I want to became a member/volunteer

Based on the legislative framework for the operation of the Non-profit Organizations, there should be participation of members in the form of regular financial payment.

In this context, the Structure’s Board of Directors has decided an annual subscription with symbolic variation, the amount of which will be chosen by the members, specifically, between 1€ and 19€.

It is clarified that:

1. All revenues will be used to finance the actions of the Structure and for its operational costs.

2. In this context, any financial aid, in addition to the annual subscription, is welcome and will help us in the implementation of our ideas.

3. The Structure “In the Name of Alkis” is a non-profit Assosiation, with a 3-member Audit Committee, whose purpose is to check (signed) the Books that the Board of Directors must keep fully updated. The Audit Committee consists of an Accountant, a Legal Adviser and an Economist.

The annual subscriptions of the members and any help-donations from members and friends of the Structure can be deposited in 2 ways:

a) In person to the treasurer of the Structure, Mr. Fotis Kralides (tel. +30 6982010825, after 7pm) at any event of the Structure.

b) To the structure’s account at Eurobank

Account: 0026-0211-68-0201057070
IBAN: GR4502602110000680201057070

ATTENTION: Those who deposit money in the bank must state their NAME in the justification.

<a href="/ideas-for-actions/">Ideas for Actions</a>

Ideas for Actions

Choose which of our first ideas-actions you want to see as actions.

<a href="/en/wall-of-wishes/"> Wall of Wishes</a>

Wall of Wishes

Write your own wish for Alkis and share your thoughts with us.

<a href="/en/register/">Become a member</a>

Become a member

The achievement of all actions is based on the development of our team.