Welcome to Structure of February 1, 2022 "In the name of Alkis"


An explosion of emotions and energy united us

Structure of February 1, 2022 "In the name of the Alkis"

Learn about our cause

In the Name of Alkis structure is open to everyone, and especially to the fans who love sports and their teams and want to stop all kinds of fan violence.

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3 axes

with parallel actions


Do not forget the 19-year-old Alkis

He could be our kid,our brother


Assistance and Support to victims of sport violence

- To offer mainly Medical, Legal, Psychological support etc.
- Creation of an Observatory
- Track of incidents of low-intensity violence.


Promoting Healthy Sports Fan spirit

Actions to achieve a change of fan culture.

Means for achieving these goals are:

  • Website creation.
  • The collection and promotion of the songs that have been written about Alkis, the photos from all the banners and in general from all the reactions related to the murder of Alkis.
  • Encourage the creation of new songs and artistic expressions related to the purposes of the Structure through competitions and public awards.
  • The creation of live and online events on the 1st of February every year.
  • The efforts for communication and connection of PAE and Associations of fans of different teams.
  • Creating a Mobile Application that will promote the athletism spirit.
  • Conducting art evenings with music, cinema, theater, art related to sports, sport fan spirit and well-meaning fanaticism.
  • The organization of games between teams from Greece, abroad and veterans.
  • Communicating with popular groups on social media that promote a healthy fan spirit in Greece and abroad, for collaborations and promotion of the Structure’s actions.
  • The creation of leaflets that will be initially distributed in schools, along with presentations of actions to highlight the healthy spirit of the fans, the rivalry, the coexistence and against the fan violence.
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Ideas for Actions

Choose which of our first ideas-actions you want to see as actions.

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Wall of Wishes

Write your own wish for Alkis and share your thoughts with us.

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The achievement of all actions is based on the development of our team.