How can I find out details about Alkis?

You can visit the section “Alkis” here.

How can I write something about Alkis?

Leave your own message in the Wish Wall section here.

How can I subscribe to the Structure?

Fill out the Registration Form here.

How can I learn more about the Structure?

Visit the page “The Structure” here, where we state its purpose through the 3 axes and possible actions.

I want to participate, how can I help?

You can join the Structure here and share our actions with your friends.

I want to help by participating in actions and activities of the Structure. What can I do?

Register for Level 2 of the Structure as a General Volunteer here.

I want to help by offering on the field I specialize in. What can I do?

Sign up to the level 3 of the Structure as a Specialist Volunteer here.

How can I contact you?

In the “Contact” Section by sending an e-mail (at present)

I have some ideas. How can I convey them to you?

In “the Ideas for actions” section here or via the contact form.

I am a fan of a rival team to the one Alkis supported. Can I register?

Of course! The structure is open to EVERYONE and especially fans who love their teams and wish to change the fan culture.

I want to follow the actions of the Structure but I don’t know if and when I could participate. How can I help?

Join the Structure as a Simple Member here.

How will I learn about the actions of the Structure?

The Structure will be informing its members by e-mail about its actions, as well as with announcements in the Blog Section

I live far away. Can I help/subscribe?

Further than New York, where we have a registered member? You can help and of course register, regardless of where on Earth you live.

I am 17 years old. Can I register?

Unfortunately, no. We will be expecting you as soon as you are 18.

I am not a Greek citizen. Can I register?

Of course, as long as you are over 18 years old.