In the “Manolis Anagnostakis “ hall at the Thessaloniki city hall, has taken place the official presentation of our Domi , with the attendance of journalists ,in a press event at 31 May noon.

Our Domi has been represented from the members of the Domi council Lefteri Papa, Manoli Andreadaki and Alexandro Tzimbili, who has talked about the purpose of the Domi creation, her actions, her goals, the structure and of course answered all the journalists questions.

As Mr Lefteris Papas told “We know that to change the society we must first change ourselves. In the Domi we are strongly determined to learn , to become better people and better fans, and to respect the difference. We want to send the message to everyone that all the members of the society,and all the athleticism people like journalists, athletes, etc to think and act in the same way.
“After February 1st, our thoughts were: “Seeds ready to be planted in a field watered with blood.” Domi is one such seed. The Structure is a pioneering project and is based on voluntary contributions. That’s how we started. In our first call we had web designers volunteers that helped us to get our website ready in 24 days. In the second call for participation in the Domi we had lawyers and accountants. That’s how we had set up the Domi and that’s how we continue. I am really impressed of how people from different places, jobs, lives, act and offer their services as volunteers in the Domi with such a passion. The key word is composition and of course commitment to common goals.
“The Domi is open to everybody, and especially to the fans that love the athletism and their teams and they want to stop the fan violence.”
Mr Manolis Andreadakis talked about the 3 axes of actions of the Domi:

«The first is about our Alkis, that we will never let his memory to be forgotten. Alkis could be anyone’s kid, brother, son, colleague. He could be anyone of us.The second axe concerns the help and the support we want to offer to the victims of the fans violence. We want to offer them any help they will ask for (medical, psychological, legal). In parallel we will create a Observatory for incidents of low-intensity violence. The 3rd axe is the one with the most actions. We will take actions to change the sport fans culture What we want is the coexistence of all the colors.

Alexandros Tzimbilis talked about the Domi structure highlighting:

“As we know we have 4 stages of participations. The Domi is a volunteer organization with 4 degrees. The simple member (just for information), the general volunteer (big participation at Domi actions), the specialist volunteer that has a skill and want to offer base on that skill and the leader volunteer which are responsible for the organization and operation of special groups. You can learn more and register to our Domi at “