In the Name of Alkis Organisation starts the new year together with UrbanAct, a dynamic collaboration; there will be a full program of creating public murals and inclusive students’ actions at schools all over Greece against not only the fan violence, but the violence in general.

SAME84, will voluntarily create in February the first big mural at Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. In order to do so, a collaboration will be held with the Principal of the 11th Primary School of Kalamaria and its Parents & Guardians Club.

As SAME84 mentions, Alkis is pictured to his mural; he is happy while looking at an ideal way of people coexisting, no matter the team they support, their believes, their sex, nationality and whatever else makes us different from our fellow human beings. Alkis is doing this through a sport, that is football. This will be a mural with vibrant colours with its main goal being to make us think, vision, review. And also to pass through it a great message against fan violence.

The mural will be created at the school’s yard but it will “cover” the whole neighbourhood and the entire society. SAME84 will take care of the students’ participation as well.
In the Name of Alkis Organisation has been created having as an aim that Alkis’ murder will not be forgotten but on the contrary it will be the symbol of change; it will somehow support the fan violence victims and for the behaviour of the fans in Greece to change. What we all think Of is for the seeds Of empathy, respect, being different and coexisting to be put in action. And there is no better action field for that than the kids; kids can learn, Kids can change the world.
UrbanAct intervenes in the most positive way for many years now to many actions at schools all over Greece: with murals which express messages, with artists who offer their creations and their empathy and with participatory actions with students which contribute to knowledge, to respect the different, to have joy in life and collaboration, to help each other.
Sponsors and supporters of this first action which will take place under the aegis of the Municipality of Kalamaria and the support of Heinrich Bell Institution are the companies: Vivechrom, Mateco, Capsis Hotel, Ecobuildings, Arterios, Zisimopoulos S.A.
This program will continue to schools in Thessaloniki, Volos and Athens  –the name of the schools will be announced shortly– while more actions are planned for many other Greek cities.

Only because, sports unite people, sports don’t kill people.

We all become ONE for Alkis.