So what shall we do to alleviate the pain we feel?

Let’s start acting.

In a sequel by The Lord of the Rings movie , some from the camp of the “good ones” explain to the Gandalf magician the gloomy and very difficult situation they are, regarding to the “forces of Darkness”.

Gandalf asks them, “So with what we are planning to do, is it impossible to defeat them?”
Yes, everyone said with one voice !!!

In the dialogue that follows, an answer-prompt is given that in Greek, it would be something like this:
“Well, then what are we waiting for? Let’s go straight on them… ”

Our nature, human nature, is adventurous.

Some people have decided that they can not look somewhere else.

Some people have decided that they should take action and create actions themselves…to try to achieve something that, based on the predictions, seems impossible.

The ideas are fresh and many…

The adventure has begun, without nothing being sure or easy.

Let’s see how it will go…

Leftheris Papas