A human story with a lot of coincidence and emotion

An 88-year-old carpenter from Lemnos, Mr. Thanasis tried to alleviate the pain he felt from the brutal killing of Alkis by creating a wooden composition with symbols and messages.

But how could he deliver it to Alkis’ family, when he was in Lemnos in summer and in Piraeus in winter? 
He tried to do it with the help of various people or the Municipality but there was no effect.
He was so sad.....
He confided his problem to a complete stranger named Kostas, while he was swimming alone in a beach and next to him Kostas and his friends were cleaning fish they had caught.

On this beach, Mr. Thanasis had built voluntarily benches and gazebos for people to rest and parents to sit when their children were rowing... and this wasn’t the only beach he had done so...

So, why did he tell Kostas since he didn’t know him?

The connection arose when he heard that Kostas’ son was called Aris and decided to confide his problem to him.
Things got their way when Kostas (later a member of the Structure) reassured the 88-year-old “angel” (as he called him) that he could help him as he already knew the existence of the “Structure in the name of Alkis”.

But the coincidences didn’t stop at this point. 
They continued when they invited Mr. Thanasis home to go on with this wonderful meeting.

The 88-year-old angel, who had left Lemnos quite young, at his 18-20, found in Kostas’ grandmother his girlfriend from his youth that he hadn’t seen since 1960!!!!!

During the meal, the emotion was pervasive, culminating in the moment Mr. Thanasis, almost with tears in his eyes, stopped and exclaimed “Alkis is offering this meal to us!”.

This full of emotion, passion and will wooden, handmade composition, which represents “the change” lays at the moment at the hands of the Structure and it will soon be delivered to Alkis’ parents, making the wish of the 88-year-old angel come true.

For us, who, when we started the creation of this project, found ourselves in front of millions of coincidences, the spontaneous creation of Mr. Thanasis absolutely fits with our effort to make Alkis the symbol of change and to affect positively the rotten society that led to this crime.

Lefteris Papas