The writing on the award we gave to the creator was:

“When the art is created due to immense pain, there are only chills and pervasive emotions brought up.

The banner with Titormos, your kind giant, holding our Alkis, has touched the hearts of all of us.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you dear Christos, for all the small details on your creation”

The writing on the award we gave to Panaitolikos F.C. was:

“There is still hope for a more beautiful football, as long as there are more groups out there as Panaitolikos”

The awards were given by the General Secretary of our organization, Mr. Ioannis Vaganof, who mentioned the below, amongst others:

“Our organization multiplies its members as we speak, in and out of Greece, while making small and cautious moves. The members are fans of all the teams; taking baby steps, what we all want is to become better people and better fans who just love their teams and athletics in general”

We continue to highlight, project and award all the actions that go together with the three ways that we act at our organization.

We would like to mention here, that we were positively surprised by the honorary plaque given to us by Panaitolikos F.C.; it seems that our seeds are growing and the harvest will be rich.