On 14th May we implemented an action that we scheduled for a long time and we made it happen in the best way. The award of the AEK football player Sergio Araouho took place because the Argentin for has been thrilled us with his action to make the A letter with his hand, the letter of the name of the murdered Alkis after scoring a goal at Kleanthis Vikelidis , a few months ago, a goal that has been the best of the 21st match day. Araouho also asked to put the name of our Alkis to his prize.

From that day Arauho would come again to the city of Thessaloniki for a game with his team even though his participation because of his injury was not sure. But this great athlete has ensured the Domi that he would be here to hia awarding despite of his injure.

“Beacon of hope for the football we love”

In Kleanthis Vikelidis stadium the AEK FC senter for he experienced the apotheosis of the more than 20,000 friends of ARIS receiving the award from the representative of our Structure, Manolis Andreadakis, who addressing the great Argentinian said

“Today we award not only a big athlete but also a great person which soul and personality is a beacon of hope for the football we love.”

Sergio Arauho we thank you because with your actions and attitude you became a pattern for our young people and it is our honor to have you in the greek championship.

We also want you to know that in this stadium whenever you come you will have our immense respect and our applause although we were sure that you have achieved this in all the stadiums and from all the healthy fans”

For his part, Sergio Araujo, visibly moved, took the microphone and said: “I want to thank you very much and repeat that the rivalry should only be inside the playing fields. Above all, let’s be human. In today’s game, the platform is very important for both teams. I hope the best wins. I promise you that if I score again on this pitch, I won’t celebrate out of respect.”

The prize awarded to the AEK athlete is a crystal statue with the logo and website of “Domi in the name of Alkis”, the logos of the two teams, the well-known photo of the athlete when he formed the “A” in his goal months ago and a message written in Argentinian which read: “Sergio, during a passionate match in just one second your personality, character and attitudes has been shined. You have our sincere appreciation, you are an example of what we want to see in football and in life”.