UrbanAct and the Structure “February 1st, in the name of Alkis” completed the first Wall Painting for the program for Public Wall Paintings and participatory actions of students in schools across Greece against fan violence and against violence in general.

Same84 implemented the first large wall painting voluntarily, at the 11th Primary School of Kalamaria, with the cooperation of the school administration.

As Same84 reports, in this piece of work, Alkis is depicted, who is happily looking at an ideal way of coexistence of people regardless of football team, belief, gender, nationality and anything else that differentiates us from our fellow human beings, and in fact, through a sport, football.

A piece of work with bright colors, whose main goal is to make us think, envision, review and pass through an important message against fan violence.

The wall painting was made in the school yard facing at the wider neighborhood and the local community.

On Tuesday, January 1st, at 12:00, the opening presentation of the wall painting took place. At the same time, Same84 implemented the participatory action of the school students, during which they painted on the school walls words applicable to the program.

Sponsors and supporters of this first action, which is under the auspices of the Municipality of Kalamaria and the support of Heinrich Bell Foundation, are the Companies Vivechrom, Mateco, Capsis Hotel, Ecobuildings, Arteriors and Zisimopoulos S.A.

The program will be continued in schools in Thessaloniki, Volos and Athens –the names of the schools will be shortly announced- while interventions in other cities throughout Greece are planned.

Because sports unites…….. it doesn’t kill.

We all become one for Alkis.