Today, the 13th of December 2022, at Thessaloniki’s Town Hall, the boad of directors of the organization “In the Name of Alkis”, has launched a press conference in order to announce the actions which will take place on the sad anniversary day of Alkis Kampanos’ murder.


1 There has been an official request since September 2022 towards the Greek State so as 1st of February to be announced as the PANHELLENIC DAY OF SUPPORTER/FAN

2 Creation of a big mural inside the yard of a Primary School at Kalamaria, dedicated to Alkis and co-existance.

3 A public calling to every fan and supporter to take pictures of themselves, wearing their team’s clothing together with other teams fans.

4 Creation of a new song and its video clip for Alkis (from Domi’s volunteers)

5 Creation of a promotional video, where the captains of football and basketball National Teams will participate alongside with other famous athletes and captains of Greek Super League teams. The participants will express their messages for unity in their mother tongue and in Greek as well, wearing Domi’s t-shirts. The below video is the teaser for the black one year anniversary since Alkis’ being murdered.

6 Organizing a big, multicoloured, silent march, holding candles on the 1st of February, at 19:00 p.m.

Starting point: Where Alkis had been murdered.
– Finishing point: The White Tower.

We ask to participate every individual, every citizen who would like to do so; fans and supporters of all the teams, players of all the Super League teams together with those of football and basketball academies, wearing, if they wish to, their team’s t-shirts/uniforms.

The participants will be asked to carry a candle during the march.

– When the march will arrive at The White Tower, photos of Alkis, photos from Domi’s activities and actions taken place in Greece and abroad to commemorate Alkis and Domi’s messages will be projected.

– There will be a short event writing the name ALKIS nearby

– This march is supported by Unions as The Union of Makedonia Football Clubs, The Union of Thessaloniki’s Basketball Clubs, The Union of Greek Athletics Club. The members of those unions will be requested to participate to the march wearing their team’s uniforms as there will be no trainings.